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Silk Pillowcase | 50 x 75 cm


The Beauty sleeper silk pillowcase is made of 100 % pure silk and is the best kept beauty secret for hundreds of years.

Every print is designed exclusively for The Beauty Sleeper.

The smooth silk pillowcase is a true luxury experience and is beneficial for both your skin and your hair.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase every night will help your skin stay healthy and smooth and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines on your skin.

Silk helps your skin and your hair to maintain its natural moisture and will not run off with your own natural oils or your expensive moisturizing beauty products in contrast to a conventional cotton pillowcase.

Resting your head every night on a silk pillowcase will help reduce bed heads and split ends. During sleep your hair will slide on the soft silk pillowcase, which help prevents the breakage of your hair by the roots. This way it will allow your hair the opportunity to grow out in full length and over time give you a fuller head of hair.

The Beauty Sleeper silk pillowcase may also help preserve your hairstyle and you will be able to hold on to your blowdry for an extra day or two.

  • 100 % silk
  • size 50 x 75 cm
  • Prevents frizz and tangling: silk pillowcase can prevent knotted and frizzy hair, which can be a problem especially for those with long hair. The tightly woven structure of a 100% silk pillowcase decreases friction between the hair and the material, resulting in less frizzy and tangled morning hair.
  • Reduces breakage and split ends: silk pillowcases allow your hair to glide around as you sleep,preventing drag and friction. Silk is so tightly woven that it allows hair to move smoothly about its surface without getting caught in between the strings of fabric. This results in less hair breakage and may also reduce the number of split ends.
  • Keeps hair more moisturized: Silk is significantly less absorbent material as compared to satin,  "The reason this is beneficial is that it results in less absorption of moisture into the pillowcase during the night, instead keeping more moisture available to the hair."
  • Easier to keep clean: Silk is hypoallergenic and does not contain chemicals. Unlike satin pillowcases, silk is tightly woven, which means that it will not retain dust, fungi, [and] bed mites, as well as pollen and mold.
  • Gentle on acne-prone and sensitive skin: Cotton is prized for being gentle on sensitive skin, but silk may actually be even gentler. If you're prone to acne, the friction caused by cotton or other materials can exacerbate its inflammation, but silk won't: Hurtado notes that the material can actually help to improve your complexion. Silk pillowcases can also prevent itching caused by issues like eczema.
  • Less likely to overheat: Because they don't absorb moisture, silk pillowcases are less likely to get damp or wet as you sweat. This means you're less likely to wake up feeling sticky or like you're sleeping on a soaked-through pillowcase.
  • Helps with hair product absorption: a silk pillowcase will help your hair retain more of the product. "The non-absorbent nature of silk also promotes retention of products within the hair that may have been applied at night,With any non-silk pillowcase, a good amount of hair product gets absorbed into the material, resulting in loss of active ingredients and thereby making it less available for their intended purpose in the hair.
  • May help prevent fine lines and wrinkles: The idea that a pillowcase can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles may sound too good to be true, but studies have indeed shown that the pillowcase you choose can play a part in reducing wrinkles.
    Wash separately using silk detergent. Wash at maximum 30 degrees in washing bag. Two lines under the wash basin means that the silk mask and pillowcase must be washed on an extra gentle program. 

    The Beauty Sleeper is made from 100% silk. Due to the delicate nature of this product, please handle with love and care for maximum sustainability.


    There is no need to wash your product every time you use them.  I recommend that you wash it only when necessary.


    Use a recognized detergent and preferably an eco-labled remedy, as they are often tested for efficiency and colour loading. Use a soap that is especially good for silk fabric as there is no need for fabric softener (which is harmful to the environment, anyway).