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Base Coat 2/0


UKA Base Coat is formulated with serum ingredients for application before polish. This is a base coat you will never want to be without. What’s more, just one coat forms the base. Apply four coats and you can enjoy it as color nail polish. We have carefully created five colors which hilight the attractiveness of the skin. UKA believe that nails have the power to show not only the beauty of the nails, but also the beauty of the hands. UKA hope that people across the world, whatever their skin color, will find an attractive color which suits their skin. 2/0 Healthy Pink: Suits any skin tones.

2/0 Healthy pink – Suitable for all skin colors. A universal pink with a touch of red, which brings out the color of the skin. The colored bases of uka contain a tinted serum which takes care of your nails and embellishes your hands.

Recommended for people who:

・prefer home manicures
・are looking for a color that highlights the beauty of the whole hand
・have damaged nails (splitting, vertical streaks, dryness, spots)
・would like to polish their nails but worry about their health
・find the application of nail polish difficult