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Molecule 01 | 100 ml


Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 har skapt en innovativ «duft-aura» som inneholder kun ett molekylært stoff. Så enkelt og aldri gjort før. Duftstoffet kalles for «Iso E Super» og opptrer normalt i en svært liten dose i mange parfymer. Iso E Super er enestående – mer en effekt enn en egentlig duft. Den utvikler seg kun i kontakt med varm hud. Du merker en antydning av behagelige og fløyesmyke trenoter som vekslende forsvinner og dukker opp igjen i opptil 10 timer.

Molecule 01 consists of the molecule Iso E Super pure and singular.

Iso E Super is a molecule that hovers close to the skin to create an indefinable aura round the wearer.

It is characterised by a hyper-modern cedarwood note with a velvety sensation. Perfumer Geza Schoen explains its allure: “Iso E Super is one of those skin-sexy scents that makes you want to nestle into it. It’s comforting, cocooning.”

Iso E Super has a marked intermittence. To the wearer, it seems to vanish and then re-appear. This is due to the way it bonds with receptors in the olfactory system, only slowly releasing to make way for a fresh charge of the molecule on the receptors.

Iso E Super does not exist in nature. It was created in a laboratory at IFF in 1973.

Molecule 01 is unlike anything you will ever wear. It is one of the most mysteriously alluring scents wrapped in simplicity. For us, the phenomenon of Molecule 01 came completely out of left field. When we first encountered it in 2005, our first impression was that we couldn’t smell a thing. We weren’t sure what to think, but we wore it just as the description urged us to do, and didn’t really notice the subtle scent on ourselves. The response from others, however, was undeniable. Each time we wore it, somebody would ask what we were wearing. It was astonishing how predictably this occurred.

  • The Molecule 01 fragrance is radically minimalist. It contains no odorants except the aroma-molecule, Iso E Super. Those customers who find the Molecule fragrances too subtle may wish to try the Escentric fragrances, which will always have a more powerful diffusion.
  100 ml
Alcohol denat, Parfum (fragrance), Aqua (water)