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KENZA brush


KENZA is a small brush with a lot of benefits. A silicone brush that can be used on the wet or dry scalp. A mold-free brush you can keep in your bathroom it has spiky bits to clean your scalp thoroughly whilst pushing pressure points on the scalp. A KENZAN, also called spiky frog, is a specific device used in the Japanese art of flower arrangement Ikebana for fixing the flowers in the container. When using KENZAN, the most important point is to enjoy its pleasant feeling. This feeling differs day by day, so we highly recommend you also give KENZAN soft a try even if you are a satisfied user of KENZAN!

  • Ideal for cleansing the scalp, shampooing, and distributing scalp serum.
  • Also recommended for performing acupressure.
  • As the top of the head is designed softer than KENZAN, it can also be comfortably used by persons who wish to minimalize the stimulation on the scalp.
  • The scalp brush made of silicone is ideal for cleansing, shampooing, and distributing scalp serum to the scalp. Stiffness designed for comfort, which you can use wet and dry. Also recommended for performing acupressure.
Lather shampoo, work the suds thoroughly through the hair, and massage gently to cleanse. Distribute scalp serum and move the brush upward in a zigzag motion.