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Marie Antoinette Wax Bust


Marie Antoinette Wax Bust

Cire Trudon has lit the gilded halls of Versailles as well as the face of its most iconic Queen, Marie Antoinette.

She was even responsible for giving her favoured design of candle a nickname: ‘les Trudonnes’. Cire Trudon in return presents a new portrait in wax of one of French history’s most famous women, in a striking “stone” color.

Height: 22cm

Set the mood for magic. Lighting candles shifts the energy of your space. Use the glow of the flame and the variety of intoxicating scents to enhance your setting. It’s always the finishing touches, incorporating sensibilities and rituals from the past, that provide us with the most inspiration. This candle wax bust of Marie Antoinette, France’s famed queen and icon, has been crafted with care by Cire Trudon’s master candlemakers.