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Sliders 2 pcs


Work on your endurance, engage your abs and intensify each of your movements with this set of 2 sliders

Designed to slide on all surfaces (the discs have 2 sides: one for “soft” floors such as carpets, the other for “tough” floors such as parquet/tiles), you can use them to increase the difficulty of your mountain climbers , lunges, push-ups and many more exercises.
This set of 2 sliders will quickly become the perfect addition to your workout routines at home

  • Comes with a small mesh pouch for easy storage and transport
  • 18 cm diameter
  • Good and efficient for your cardio and core
  • 2 faces : one for « soft » floors as carpet, one for « tough » floors as parquet or flooring

Cleaning tips: for the smooth and black part: clean with a small wet cloth, for the soft part with logo: clean with a small dry cloth.