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Woven with the naturally soft and resistant fibers of washi paper, this exfoliating towel transports you into the world of Japanese bathing and leaves a pleasant feeling of softness after use.
The towel may appear rough on the first use, but it softens over time and lasts for a very long time.
Dimensions: 25 x 100 cm

  • Scrub your body the natural way, inspired by the Japanese bathing culture. 
  • This body scrub towel is woven from cotton and handmade Japanese washi paper strings which are naturally soft and durable. 
  • Dual textured: the textured surface exfoliates, deep cleanses and renews skin while the soft surface can be used for gentler cleansing.

• Dual-Sided: Use the textured side to exfoliate and soften skin. Use the cotton side to gently cleanse.

• Lathers with any soap or shower gel.

ouble weaving in cotton and washi (Japanese paper). Composed in two parts, one exfoliates and the other gently cleanses the skin. 1. Wet the body towel and add soap or shower gel to lather. 2. Pass the towel on the washi side over your skin to exfoliate your body and areas difficult to access, such as the back. 3. Wring the body towel after use and hang dry.


Loops: Softwood Washi Pulp ( mainly Pine) 100%, 

Base: Cotton 97%, Rayon 3%