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Collagen Chocolate


An all-natural, plant-based, sugar-free way to replenish moisture, boost elasticity, and fight wrinkles.

100% sugar-free, 100% Amazonian ceremonial grade cacao, and 100% beautifying superfood.

What if we told you that fighting wrinkles and giving your complexion a nourishing boost of moisture is as easy as eating a delicious piece of chocolate? Our Beauty Chocolates are a decadent way to strengthen your skin barrier from the inside out.

These 100% raw, natural, and vegan chocolates combine premium ceremonial-grade Amazonian cacao with ceramides, which are fats that already exist in our skin and work in synergy with Ceramosides©, a science backed phytoceramide to protect the skin barrier and keep moisture in. In other words, a chocolate a day keeps the wrinkles at bay. And with no sugar, fillers, or sweeteners of any kind, you can indulge without any guilt.

Everyone needs and uses ceramides naturally as a prevention to premature ageing. Especially in people with dry skin and conditions like eczema, rosacea, and even acne, we know that ceramide levels in the skin are lower than they should be. This contributes to dryness, sensitivity and skin inflammation.
Indulge in one chocolate a day, whenever you’d like. Our Collagen Chocolate contains 30mg of the recommended daily dose of Ceramosides™ the perfect way to satisfy your afternoon or evening sweet tooth while restoring your skin’s moisture barrier.
100 % min. Cacao. Phytoceramides (0,6%)