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Hot Water Bottle | Large


Retreat to bed with the comforting warmth of the large Sandy Beach Beauty Sleeper Silk Hot Water Bottle. The soft luxury hot water bottle gives off a wonderful, all-surrounding heat similar to the feeling of lowering yourself into a warm bath. Not only does it soothe aches, pains and stresses but the silk hot water bottle also works as a natural sleep aid, helping you drift off into a pleasant slumber.

There are two main ways to keep you warm with a hot water bottle. The first is by resting it on or close to your body and the second is to use it to heat up the inside of your bed or sleeping bag before entering.

You can rest the hot water bottle close to or on you when in and around the house – for instance, when sitting down on the sofa. Furthermore, carry your hot water bottle with you when you are going for a leisurely walk during the winter months or when you are commuting to work on a chilly day. Never lean on, press against, sit on or add any excessive pressure to a hot water bottle including with your feet.

Hot water bottles are also great for keeping your bed warm when you are about to go to sleep. Simply leave the hot water bottle under your blanket for 5-10 minutes before you intend to enter.

A 100% wool lining acts as an effective insulating layer that ensures the hot water bottle stays warm even longer.